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About us

GoldMobil+ is committed to providing excellent solutions for mobile phone repairs and services in Belgrade. For over a decade, we have been driven by a core of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, earning the trust and praise of our clients.

Our services cover all major brands and models of mobile phones, ensuring that no matter what device you own, we have the expertise to address your needs. From screen replacements to battery repairs, from water damage restoration to software troubleshooting, we offer a comprehensive range of services to solve any issue you may encounter.

Convenience and accessibility are key at GoldMobil+. We have strategically located workshops across the city to serve our clients effectively. Whether you’re in the bustling city center or the suburbs, there’s always a GoldMobil+ workshop nearby, ready to provide efficient and professional service.

At GoldMobil+, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our transparent communication, fair pricing, and unparalleled craftsmanship make us the preferred partner for mobile phone solutions in Belgrade.

Thank you for choosing GoldMobil+ for your mobile phone repair and service needs. We look forward to continuing to exceed your expectations and providing you with outstanding service!

GoldMobil+ 致力于为贝尔格莱德的手机维修和服务提供卓越的解决方案。十多年来,我们一直以质量、可靠性和客户满意度为核心,赢得了客户的信任和赞誉。


方便快捷是 GoldMobil+ 的服务理念。我们在城市各处都设有战略性位置的工作室,以方便客户的使用。无论您身处繁华的市中心还是郊区,GoldMobil+ 工作室总是在附近,随时为您提供高效、专业的服务。

在 GoldMobil+,我们以卓越的品质和客户满意度为荣。我们的透明沟通、公平定价和无与伦比的工艺使我们成为贝尔格莱德手机解决方案的首选合作伙伴。

感谢您选择 GoldMobil+ 为您的手机维修和服务需求。我们期待继续超越您的期望,为您提供卓越的服务!